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Meet Our Coaches.

Robin coaches draw on their personal life experience and professional expertise to help students learn valuable life skills to be ready for life’s challenges.

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Meet Our Coaches.

Nyeesha D. Williams.

Nyeesha is an accomplished author and recent graduate of Harvard Business School. With more than 20 years of experience in women’s health, clinical research, and trauma release, Nyeesha helps Robin students find their purpose and become more self-aware.

Meet Nyeesha
Dr. Hallowell

Dr. Edward Hallowell.

Ned is a board-certified child and adult psychiatrist and world authority on ADHD. He is the Founder of The Hallowell ADHD Centers in several US cities. Dr. Hallowell is a New York Times bestselling author and has written 20 books on multiple psychological topics including the groundbreaking Driven to Distraction. In addition to being an Advisor, Ned coaches Robin's community of parents and teachers form stronger connections with their middle and high schoolers.

Meet Ned

Raylene Ross.

Dr. Raylene Ross currently serves as the Director of Sport Leadership and Mental Performance at the University of South Carolina supporting student-athletes and coaches to maximize performance, manage mental stressors, and cope with pressures inherent to their highly visible environments. As a Robin coach, Raylene leverage her sports psychology background to empower educators, staff and students with leadership, resilience, and mental performance skills. 

Meet Raylene

Marshall Davis Jones.

Marshall is a celebrated spoken word artist and the Founder of MindBodySpeak. His unique gift runs deep into the human experience, exploring universal themes from identity and culture to connection and technology. At Robin, Marshall works with young people to harness the power of their voice, their words and their movement to say what they mean and mean what they say.

Meet Marshall

Tara Karch.

Awarded Teacher of The Year twice, Tara spent 14 years as an elementary school teacher and served on the Social Emotional Learning Leadership team. Tara empowers Robin students to manage and reframe stress and build resilience by introducing them to compassionate tools and techniques.

Meet Tara

LaDawn Taylor.

LaDawn started singing at age six. After college she moved to Orlando, Florida and was cast as Princess Tiana, Disney’s first Black American princess, in The Princess and the Frog at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando.

Meet LaDawn

Amy Lee Flower.

Amy Lee Flower is the Robin Coach Ambassador. She is a trauma informed expert mindfulness teacher. Amy Lee fell in love with yoga, meditation, & mindfulness at age 14. Since 2015, she has taught these skills to over 30,000 students, educators, and families throughout the country. Amy Lee has led practices for over 500 principals & administrators. Her passion for this work is deeply felt by those around her. She has had great success supporting the education system in New York City.

Meet Amy Lee

Dr. John Avritt.

John is a mental health counselor and former Master Resiliency Trainer & Performance Expert at the R2 Performance Center at Ft. Hood, Texas where he focused on assisting soldiers in strategizing ways to build resiliency. As a Robin coach, John works with students, teachers, and staff to develop practical strategies to improve resiliency and performance-related skills.

Meet John

Dr. Colleen Jacobson.

Colleen is a licensed clinical psychologist and professor with over 20 years of experience in researching, teaching and counseling young adults. Leveraging tricks and trades of psychotherapy, Dr. Jacobson teaches and supports Robin students on how they can more effectively cope with life issues and mental health challenges to live their best lives.

Meet Colleen

Steven Hosking.

Steven Hosking is an accomplished performer, multi-modal artist, educator, and therapeutic guide. He has more than 10 years of experience in therapeutic and expressive arts-based service within educational and community-based settings. Steven’s passion is to create safe, nurturing, and playful spaces that allow people’s innate creative expression to be mutually heard, felt, and shared. He loves supporting students and teachers alike in finding their own authentic voices and what empowers them to be kind, open, and compassionate humans.

Meet Steven

Charlie Trotman.

Charlie is a powerful and dynamic Speaker, Coach and Educator. He focuses on cultivating holistic and trauma informed spaces for youth and the people who support them. Charlie is a wellness practitioner who uses his certifications in breathwork and Reiki, as well as intuitive coaching, to support his clients with a multifaceted approach. Charlie has facilitated classroom discussions with middle school and high school students on the topic of LGBTQ identified people and anti-bullying tactics through his various volunteer and professional roles. As a Robin Coach, Charlie seeks to inspire others to develop resilience and to lead empowered, nourishing and fulfilling lives.

Meet Charlie

Ebony Tutora.

Ebony is the founder and holistic mastery coach behind Queens Recognize Queens®, the holistic brand that cultivates deeper connections for women and girls to heal, elevate, and support one another. Ebony teaches Robin students the same powerful tools of meditation and mindset mastery that she used to self-heal and empower herself after her own childhood trauma experience.

Meet Ebony
Jeff Hittner

Jeff Hittner.

Jeff is the Co-Founder of Project X, an organization that helps people find purpose in their careers and lives. Channeling his passions for entrepreneurship and youth development, Jeff helps Robin students achieve a greater sense of direction and blaze their own trails.

Meet Jeff
Photo of Sharon DeMattia

Sharon DeMattia.

Sharon founded The AIM Project, a global art initiative in which anonymous self-portraits of inner dialogues tell the stories behind our skin. Drawing on her experience as an artist and educator, Sharon challenges Robin students to deepen their understanding of empathy, self-awareness, and belonging through art.

Meet Sharon

Caroline Reinstadtler.

An accomplished singer-songwriter and coach, Caroline engages both students and educators in productive and critical discussions around body image and diversity and inclusion. An eating disorder survivor, she encourages students to appreciate their bodies, but to look past them towards the attributes that give them power and purpose. Caroline also supports educators to develop a DEI acumen and a heightened cultural self-awareness with a focus on growing inclusive leadership skills.

Meet Caroline
Naina Giri

Naina Giri.

Peer Coach

Naina is a freshman at Geffen Academy in Los Angeles. She believes passionately in social justice, particularly human rights. She is a staunch advocate for reducing the stigma of discussing mental health openly. She hosts her own podcast entitled "Femme in Focus" and is a co-host on the podcasting platform "Dear Asian Youth".

Meet Naina
Felicia Tomasko

Felicia Tomasko.

Felicia is a renowned Yoga and Ayurveda Instructor, as well as a Registered Nurse. Channeling her expertise in cognitive neuropsychology, plant biochemistry, and yoga therapy, Felicia teaches Robin students the importance of self-care.

Meet Felicia

Sara Kaviar.

Sara is the Director of Curriculum and Innovation at Seven Arrows School. Sara works directly with students teaching them to use their minds critically, collaboratively, and creatively. She also supports teachers and administrators in designing engaging projects that stimulate innovation and design thinking, as well as foster resilience through the iterative process. As a Robin coach, Sara teaches the entire community the strengths and pitfalls of technology and social media and how we can approach our usage in a thoughtful, balanced way.

Meet Sara

Dr. Kernan Manion.

Kernan is a physician with specialization in psychiatry and the author of MindSense: A Practical Approach To Emotional Intelligence. Dr. Manion coaches the Robin community of parents and teachers on how they can identify "burn-out" and start the process of healing both emotionally and physically.

Meet Kernan

Jason Holzer.

Jason Holzer is the co-founder of 4D Athletes and a globally recognized leader in the areas of education, mental fitness, coaching, and leadership. Jason is also a best-selling author in the field of post-traumatic growth and resilience. His book, “Shattered by Suicide, Renewed by Resilience” has reached thousands of readers globally and continues to impact more and more each year. With over 12 years of experience in coaching and teaching, Jason understands what it takes to develop and inspire others to live their purpose and help others become the best version of themselves.

Meet Jason

Margarita Pagliai.

Margarita is an accomplished educator with over 24 years experience in education, business, and marketing. Margarita is the founder and head of school for Little Dolphins by the Sea Preschool and Seven Arrows Elementary School in Southern California.

Meet Margarita

Andrew Marsiglio.

Andrew began his teaching career at The Town School in the second and third grades and then assumed a number of roles at The Calhoun School, a private school in NYC. Andrew shares with students the critical lessons he has learned in his 20+ teaching career.

Meet Andrew

Jenica Biggs.

Jenica currently serves as Special Education Coordinator at New West Charter School. She holds a M.Ed. in Secondary Education and is formally trained in Lindamood-Bell method for struggling learners. As a Robin coach, Jenica teaches students how to build resilience and a growth mindset.

Meet Jenica
George Mumford

George Mumford.

George is a highly acclaimed expert in sports psychology, mindfulness, and performance. In the early nineties, George co-founded the Inner-city Stress Reduction Clinic with Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn. Soon after he began working with Phil Jackson and became Jackson's “secret weapon” to winning 8 NBA Championships. George has worked with many NBA champions as well as corporate executives, elite athletes and Olympians. Today, George helps the Robin community become more focused and present – enabling them to enter a high-growth mindset.

Meet George

Rachel Handler.

Rachel is an actor and filmmaker based in New York City. After graduating from Westminster Choir College in Princeton, NJ, where she studied musical theatre, she worked at esteemed regional theaters. On her way to an audition, she was hit by a car and lost her left leg on impact. At the age of twenty-four Rachel had to choose between chasing her Broadway dreams or finding a different path. She ended up doing both

Meet Rachel

Phil Weber.

Phil served as the head coach of the NBA Development League's Sioux Falls Skyforce, leading the Skyforce to the team's first ever division championship. Before Sioux Falls, Weber served as an offensive advisor for Miami during the HEAT's back-to-back championship runs in 2012 and 2013. Coach Weber has worked with over 100 NBA players as a development coach.

Meet Phil

Jonathan Hesney.

John Hesney is the Supervisor of Student Services at Fair Lawn Public Schools in New Jersey. He specializes in educating children with autism and emotional disturbances, working with families to help their disabled child, social curriculum creation, large and small group presentations and crisis management training.

Meet John

Dr. Terri Bacow.

Dr. Terri Bacow is a widely known expert in cognitive behavioral therapy, an evidence-based therapy approach. A Brown University graduate, she is the author of a new book about managing anxiety, and sees clients in her private practice on the Upper West Side.

Meet Terri

Kimberly Engelhardt.

Kimberly has been serving early childhood and elementary aged children, teachers and parents for over 23 years. As an educator, senior instructional coach, curriculum designer, administrator and infant massage specialist, her passion lies in supporting children’s ability to regulate strong emotions.

Meet Kimberly

Dr. Jennifer Knight.

Dr. Jennifer Knight worked for 11 years as a Master Resiliency Trainer & Performance Expert at the R2 Performance Center at Ft. Hood, Texas. Jennifer has a Master’s Degree in Sport Psychology from Georgia Southern University and a Ph.D. in Education with an Emphasis in Sport Psychology from University of Idaho.

Meet Jennifer

Jamie Mamerow.

Jamie is a certified Life Coach and Mastery Transformational Coach who helps parents find balance in life so they can stress less, laugh more, and be strong role models for their children. Jamie is also a mom of 3 and former kindergarten teacher. As a Robin Coach, she uses the unique combination of parenting, coaching, and teaching experiences to educate parents and students on the value of a positive mindset and effective communication strategies.

Meet Jamie

Laura Amigone.

Laura Amigone, founding College Success Coach of Rudder Coaching, is passionate about helping young adults reach their full potential as they transition from high school into and through their college career. After 20 years in college admissions and high school college counseling, Laura helps students sharpen the four skills required to be successful, no matter the college: scheduling effectively, designing career paths, comparing and celebrating, and intentionally building self-confidence. 

Meet Laura

Sarah Behm.

Sarah specializes in school climate safety. She has worked with over 300 schools across the United States, including Puerto Rico and Guam, to reduce bullying and incorporate restorative practices. As a seasoned consultant and credentialed school counselor, Sarah believes in the power of partnering with students, staff, and caregivers to establish sustainable school safety policies and programs.

Meet Sarah

Ruben Nuño.

Ruben is the Minister of the Church of the Living Hope in East Harlem, New York City. He grew up in Los Angeles and faced numerous challenges while he was young. Rubin walks students through the process of self-differentiation- thinking and acting on one’s own while resisting group pressure (peer, family or community) for conformity- which he leaned on to find his path to success.

Meet Ruben

Lauren Pla.

Lauren is a Certified Life and Empowerment Coach who has a passion for illuminating the inner strengths we are all born with. Having experienced a variety of different challenges throughout her life, Lauren came to realize that the lessons she took from each one were invaluable, and she feels a deep pull to offer her insights to younger generations so no person ever feels like they need to do life alone.

Meet Lauren

Sarah Cronk.

Sarah Cronk is the founder of Generation Spirit, a national nonprofit that creates school-based spirit teams that bring together students with and without disabilities. Sarah started Generation Spirit as a sophomore in high school after seeing what a positive effect her brother Charlie (who is on the autism spectrum, and who often experienced life as an outsider) experienced when he was included on the high school swim team.

Meet Sarah

Anastasia Vlasova.

Peer Coach

Anastasia Vlasova is a freshman at NYU Gallatin studying design and the infrastructure of mental health. She is a mental health activist and host of Our Turn to Talk, a mental health podcast for teens and parents, and its accompanying PBS documentary. She is an avid public speaker on topics ranging from eating disorders to digital wellness. Anastasia has spoken for The Jed Foundation, NAMI, Our Minds Matter, #HalfTheStory, and more.

Meet Anastasia

Randy McNeely.

Randy McNeely is an author, speaker, singer, song writer, podcast host, passionate kindness advocate, and kindness leadership coach. He is the author of the book The Kindness Giver’s Formula: Four Simple Steps for Restoring Light, Hope, Love, Unity, and Peace to Our Troubled World.

Meet Randy

Alicia Collins.

Alicia Collins comes to Robin with a Master of Education in Leadership and more than a decade of experience working in both charter and public schools in Illinois and Indiana. Most recently, she was an elementary school principal, and she has also served as the Senior Dean of Culture at a charter school in Chicago where she supported a team of more than 20 staff whose collective efforts resulted in a steep decline in disciplinary referrals and a 100% high school graduation rate. Alicia has led workshops around Trauma Informed practices, Social Emotional Learning, and Culturally Responsive teaching practices, to name a few. She also co authored a social emotional learning curriculum for grades 6-12. 

Meet Alicia

Kari Van Bebber.

Kari has always had a passion for the social emotional well-being of others. After starting her career as a teacher, she quickly moved to pursuing a Masters in Counseling. This led to Kari’s work as an elementary school counselor for almost 10 years, as well as a private practice through which Kari provided therapy to those in need. Meeting individuals where they are in their own personal journey of growth has always been an integral part of Kari’s approach. 

Meet Kari

Paige Phelps.

Paige has been in education for over 20 years working with adolescent youth and their families as a guidance counselor, prevention coach, social and emotional learning specialist and mindfulness coordinator/coach. Paige is also the CEO and Co-founder of IM Mindful, an organization that provides social and emotional wellness courses for students, families and educators.

Meet Paige

Noah Harrington.

Specialist Noah Harrington is currently a soldier at Fort Hood, Texas; however, the journey that brought him there has given him a truly unique perspective on the concept of “a life in which we thrive." Among his many varied life experiences, Noah has been an integral leader both on and off the field within multiple sports programs in a number of countries. He has also studied drama at the highly acclaimed American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles. Noah has worked with thousands of students of all ages on language skills, sports technique, and resiliency in both the US and Italy.

Meet Noah

Adam Reh.

Adam Reh is a professional artist and teacher. His paintings and prints hang in houses across the United States, and even as far away as Belgium. He has more than 20 years experience teaching art to K-8 students, holds an MA in School Leadership, and has coached adults in the skillset and mindset needed to become a profitable options day trader on the NYSE. He is intensely interested in helping others learn the skills and habits to become successful in any and all areas of their lives.

Meet Adam

Jessica Lipman.

Jess is a Unified Mindfulness Lead Coach, founder of The Mindful Nest, Co-Founder of Being Resilient and editor-in-chief of As a Mindfulness Coach, Jess helps her clients build the courage and inner resilience and tap into the aligned mindfulness strategies they need in order to make their greatest impact unapologetically.

Meet Jess

Jen Vihrachoff.

Jen is a professional development coach who helps teachers and community leaders practice holistic and healthy leadership. She is the Executive Director of a nonprofit that trains and supports educators in the areas of leadership development, cultural responsiveness and best practices for equity in education. Jen is also an Adjunct Professor of Education at Jacksonville University, where she teaches Civic Engagement and Reading Instruction.

Meet Jen

Whitney Bell.

Whitney is a youth worker specializing in drama therapy, which involves combining traditional psychotherapy and dramatic techniques in support of healing and self-expression. As a drama therapist who has worked in multiple settings, Whitney is extremely connected to the creative arts’ capacity to provide an environment for youth to develop new possibilities that support their mental health. Whitney has worked with young people of all ages, their parents, caregivers, and support staff- including both neurotypical and specially-abled and developmentally diverse children and young adults.

Meet Whitney

Robin Cerato.

Robin has more than 24 years of education experience in Arizona and Washington as a middle school and junior high teacher, instructional coach, district director, assistant principal, and principal. Her expertise in teaching and learning- along with her enthusiasm for the magic of everything that middle school and junior high bring- allow her to establish authentic connections with students, develop creative strategies to support their individual needs, and make social and academic learning meaningful. 

Meet Robin

Kathleen Young.

With a Master’s in Special Education, Kathleen is an award-winning educator. After working in public, private and special education settings for more than 20 years, she served on the Management Team at a startup Middle School. Her passion is the well-being of students, adults and families in every school community.

Meet Kathleen

Dr. Julie Heifetz.

As an educator, consultant, and trainer/coach, Julie works with students, teachers, and families to foster emotional well-being and management, stress reduction, and resilience. Julie shares social emotional learning (SEL) and mindfulness best practices, resources, tools, and techniques with students of all ages, as well as adults.

Meet Julie

Styvenson Saint-Vil.


Coach Styve is an entrepreneur, nonprofit founder and community volunteer who draws on his life experiences and the experiences of those around him to provide unique insight and value using empathy and emotional awareness.

Meet Styvenson Saint-Vil

Amy Armstrong.


As an accredited coach and licensed social worker, Amy helps folks break free from negative relationship patterns and the anxiety of conflict.

Meet Amy

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