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Photo of Sharon DeMattia

Sharon DeMattia.

Sharon DeMattia is a systems observer and delivers creative concepts that explore identity. She founded The AIM Project, a global art initiative in which anonymous self-portraits of inner dialogues tell the stories behind our skin.

These portraits expanded as The Human InnerFace, an integration of art, technology, and connection. Curiosity, absurdity, and play foster a deeper understanding of empathy, self-awareness, and belonging. Art bridges communication gaps, while inspiring collaboration as we shape the future. Sharon has presented at CASL and CADA state conferences and worked globally within education, corporations, non-profit organizations and private events.

Sharon is an Artist/ Scientist with a Masters Degree from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Can Art Be Your Inner Dialogue?

Robin Coach Sharon DeMattia tells us that art is the language of the soul that everyone speaks. When we create art we connect more deeply with our selves and with others.