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Dr. John Avritt.

Dr. John Avritt is a Master Resiliency Trainer & Performance Expert at the R2 Performance Center at Ft. Hood, Texas. His role as Master Resiliency Trainer focuses on aiding soldiers in identifying ineffective thought and strategizing ways in which they can be more resilient people. In addition to these skills, he also helps to improve their performances using sport psychology strategies. This combination of both resiliency and performance related skills helps the soldiers he works with build mental skills for life.

Prior to his work with soldiers, John coordinated mental health counseling services at Texas State Technical College, served as a Professional School Counselor, and was high school basketball coach. He is the owner of Mindset Counseling Services offering counseling services to a variety of clients in his community.

John has a Master of Sport Psychology degree as well as a Master of Counseling degree. He is currently completing his PhD in Counselor Education from Texas Tech University where he is examining Work-Family Conflict.


Robin Resilience Coach John Avritt expresses the power of mental flexibility to counter catastrophic thinking and help us move forward without spiraling into negative thought.