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Jenn Guerrero.

Currently pursuing a Master's degree in Neuroscience, Jenn is certified and trained in a multitude of holistic modalities and has more than a decade of experience working with clients. She is a master breathwork facilitator, registered yoga teacher, NLP practitioner, non-violent communication facilitator, 5NP auricular acupuncturist, social-emotional learning advocate, and mindfulness coach. She also holds two black belts and teaches martial arts to children in her free time.

Jenn’s mission is to bring trauma-informed mindfulness and holistic practices to individuals and communities. She founded VenSeremos- A Wellness Company, and VenSeremos Breathwork- a transformational breathwork technique.  She offers bilingual healing modalities to serve the Latinx community. Jenn has brought her work across international borders from New York City and Miami, to Europe, Australia, Colombia, and her home, Puerto Rico. Nurturing her passion for both business and creating cultural change, her teachings have found a home in a variety of settings including corporate wellness programs for global corporations, social outreach efforts with incarcerated youth populations, relief efforts in communities struggling with social violence, substance use disorders and collective trauma throughout Latin America. Jenn also actively volunteers with local sustainable community efforts in Puerto Rico.

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