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Improving Student Outcomes through Connection-based Learning White Paper Ready to Download

The mental health solution that prepares students for learning success.

Students who are more connected with others achieve better academic and mental health outcomes.1 We partner with schools to assess how connected students are and teach skills to build healthy relationships.

1 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, School Connectedness, Retrieved April 2024 & U.S. Surgeon General. (2023). Our epidemic of loneliness and isolation –

Connecting with others drives better student outcomes.


According to the CDC and US Surgeon General, social connection is proven to result in:

  • Higher test scores and grades
  • Better school attendance
  • Higher graduation rates
  • Decreased risky behaviors


Robin explicitly teaches students skills to connect with others, build healthy relationships and improve mental health.

Robin proven to increase connection and well-being.

  • 37

    improvement in healthy peer relationships

  • 22

    improvement in feeling connected at school

  • 17

    improvement in self-confidence

See Solutions

Evidence-based solutions driven by data.

Connection Diagnostic Assessment© + Action Plan

Easy-To-Implement Tier 1 + 2 Curriculum

Professional Development For Educators + Family Coaching

  • Spanish & English

  • Multi-Tiered System
    of Supports

  • Culturally responsive
    and trauma informed

  • Standards-aligned

9 out of 10 administrators would recommend Robin.

  • 100

    reported that the curriculum was easy to use.

  • 83

    reported that Robin has made their job easier.

  • 93

    reported that Robin helped them better understand their students’ mental health needs.

Let's Connect

Plug-and-play curriculum tackles today’s challenges.

  • Created entirely by educators with decades of experience, Robin provides Tier 1 and Tier 2 support within a MTSS framework.
  • Students are inspired by a diverse group of expert coaches who teach skills through storytelling and personal experience via video.
  • Flexibly designed with pull-out lessons, individual and group activities to implement in academic classes, advisory, health or with small group interventions.


Schools we are proud to support.

Let's Connect

What Educators Say.

“Robin is the only partner that focuses first on helping students build better relationships with themselves, their peers and teachers. They have helped us create an environment where everyone feels cared for and ready to learn.”

-Dr. Matthew Murphy
Superintendent, Ramsey School District

“To be honest, I went into this like it’s another thing to do and within a month I saw some amazing changes – like my kids respectfully talking to one another about how they feel without my help, and making better choices. I’m so glad we did this. It really made a difference.”

-Stephanie Butler
Teacher at Martin J. Gottlieb Day School

“The plus to Robin is that it adds the human touch. It encourages robust real-life discussions to help build relationships with students. Building trust with students is essential for success!”

Supes' Choice Judge

“The team is always available to meet, learn about the needs of our students and teachers, and come up with a realistic game plan. The Robin team has become an extended part of our school family.”

-School Counselor
Martin J. Gottlieb Day School

“Best PD I’ve ever attended. My glow was empty at the start. By the end, I filled it with things that are valuable but that I don’t realize I do or give myself credit for.”


Awards and Recognition.

Let's Connect

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