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SEL is not

We partner with schools to customize programming to support the whole community’s mental health and well-being and build skills to address life’s challenges. Grounded in human connection, Robin’s coaching experiences and flexible toolkit of real-world curriculum provide a comprehensive solution or enhance what you already have in place.

Spark the Mental Health Conversation

Live Group Coaching.

Whether inspiring large groups at an assembly or facilitating interactive experiences for smaller groups, Robin coaches teach a broad range of social-emotional skills and provide a safe space to emotionally connect and support each other transforming the way to think about ourselves and our connection to others.

For Students

Experiences include:

  • Manage anxiety and stress through mindfulness
  • Build mental flexibility to regulate emotions
  • Make good choices by thinking through consequences
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For Educators

Experiences include:

  • Identify and manage burnout or compassion fatigue
  • Learn strategies to support students’ growth mindset
  • Identify students at risk for intervention
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For Families

Experiences include:

  • Manage the stress of the college admissions process
  • Set a corrective course for better social media use
  • Build resilience when faced with grief or trauma

Build Healthy Habits, Skills and Mindsets

Real-World Curriculum.

Students learn, practice and deepen SEL skills with a flexible, CASEL-aligned curriculum that is relevant to real life and helps students tackle difficult challenges. Our interactive curriculum features over 100 lessons offered in 5, 15 or 30 minute increments, with story and wisdom from experts in mental health, psychology and more.

  • Elementary School Pathways

    • Managing My Emotions
    • Resilience
    • Inclusion and Fairness
  • Middle School Pathways

    • Making Decisions
    • Mental Wellness
    • Relationships
    • Be The Change
  • High School Pathways

    • Transitions
    • Mental Wellness
    • College and Career Prep
    • Activating Change


Gamified Daily Practice.

Proven to increase motivation, the gamified 30-Day Challenges offer a fun and healthy way for students or anyone in the community to play and compete while practicing SEL skills such as mindfulness, kindness and resilience and deepening community connection.

  • Daily Activities

    Activities include inspirations, gratitude practice, mood check-ins, writing prompts and more to build healthy daily habits.

  • Wall of Wins

    Wall of Wins encourages shout-outs for acts of kindness and virtual high fives building your community’s connection, empathy and feeling of belonging.

  • Flexible

    Challenges can be deployed completely outside of instructional classroom time and are customizable based on students’ needs.

  • Monitored

    Challenges are monitored to ensure positive experience and allow educator participation.

Assessments Measure Impact.

We use research-validated tools to measure students’ mental wellness and social-emotional skill development. Regular reporting tracks program effectiveness and informs SEL programming and coaching.

We also support the review and analysis of assessment results from a wide variety of common measures, such as DESSA, and leverage results to develop the most impactful Robin programming.

Let's Connect

The Connectedness Survey

Adapted from the Social Connectedness Scale-Revised (SCS-R), the Connectedness Survey assesses the individual and community’s mental well-being, social-emotional growth and feelings of connection and belonging.

Self-Reported Assessments

Self-reported assessments are also conducted with students and teachers at regular intervals to ensure they’re learning, practicing, and adopting core SEL skills are being learned and strengthened and that content is relevant and relatable.

Funding For Robin.

At Robin, we believe in equitable learning for all students and work to ensure our product meets the requirements of many federal funding sources. Robin programming can be funded by Titles I, II, and IV of ESSA as well as other state and local funding sources. We are here to support you in finding all available funding and sponsorship opportunities.


Your first experience is on us.

See for yourself how Robin's coaching and real-world curriculum can support your community's mental well-being and social-emotional skill development.
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