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Nyeesha Williams

Find Your Inner Superpower.

Drawing on her personal life experience, Robin Coach Nyeesha Williams tells her story of overcoming fear and negative self-talk by finding her Inner Superpower.

Dr. Edward Hallowell

Are You Willing to Take Chances?

Robin Coach Dr. Ned Hallowell tells us that the key to a long, happy life is not achievement, but rather the attitudes we develop throughout it. Are you willing to be bold and take chances?

You Are Worth It

Robin Coach Amy Lee Flower reminds us that we are not alone if our bodies and overall health have changed during this past year of high stress. Body love affirmations, taking time to meditate, exploring in nature and journaling are just a few ways to create a healthier lifestyle free of self judgement. Remember, you are worth it.

Ask for Help

Robin Peer Coach Caroline Reinstadtler encourages anyone experiencing an unhealthy relationship with food to ask for help. There is no such thing as “not sick enough”, your health is the most important thing.

Self Worth: More Than Your Appearance

Robin Peer Coach Caroline Reinstadtler discusses the importance of separating your self worth from your appearance and how eating is a part of being human.

You Are Your Own Biggest Advocate

Robin Peer Coach Caroline Reinstadtler talks about toxic behaviors that our culture praises. Remember, you are your own biggest advocate.