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Our Stories.

Hear Robin coaches share their personal stories and the critical life lessons they’ve learned. In one to three minute videos, coaches engage students with emotional storytelling to get students thinking and talking about their mental health and well-being.

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Nyeesha Williams

Find Your Inner Superpower.

Drawing on her personal life experience, Robin Coach Nyeesha Williams tells her story of overcoming fear and negative self-talk by finding her Inner Superpower.

Dr. Edward Hallowell

Are You Willing to Take Chances?

Robin Coach Dr. Ned Hallowell tells us that the key to a long, happy life is not achievement, but rather the attitudes we develop throughout it. Are you willing to be bold and take chances?

Keep Your Cool

Robin Coach Marshall Jones explains how you can use your imagination to cool yourself off and bring your energy down. This helps deescalate heated discussions.

Jeff Hittner

Passion or Purpose?

Robin’s Purpose Practitioner Jeff Hittner breaks down the harmful myths surrounding purpose that often prevent teenagers from pursuing it.

Art Launches Your Story.

Robin Coach Sharon DeMattia explains how art can be used as a beautiful means of self-expression, collaboration, and story-telling.

Connect to Overcome a Challenge

Robin Coach Jonathan Hesney explains how connection can be a pivotal factor in helping students overcome challenges. “Fostering these connections and developing relationships with individuals is one of the more valuable lessons you can learn in life.”