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Caroline Reinstadtler.

A recent graduate of NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Caroline is a singer-songwriter with additional training in drama and dance. Caroline’s early experiences in the performing arts helped create a perfect storm that gave her a multitude of complexes about her body and appearance, leading to a tumultuous struggle with an eating disorder; the work that she has done to unlearn those beliefs is what brought her to Robin.

An eating disorder survivor, Caroline can speak authentically about the challenges adolescents experience with respect to their body image and offer suggestions for how students can seek help.  Caroline helps students understand that their value lies not in their appearance, but in their character. She encourages students to appreciate their bodies, but to look past them towards the attributes that give them power and purpose. She helps students find their voice to ask for help and to realize their power in helping each other.  She is passionate about social justice, particularly LGBTQ, BIPOC and women’s rights.