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BE BRAVE Awards.

We honor the educators and staff members who make an impact by creating a supportive, compassionate school culture where everyone feels seen, heard and valued.

Monthly winners will receive prizes and be invited to the end-of-year celebration.

April BE BRAVE Award Winner.

Venus Herrera, a native New Yorker, found her passion for guiding others through education and counseling. With a master’s degree in Mental Health and School Counseling from Mercy College, she brings expertise and empathy to her role as a guidance counselor at Urban Assembly Maker Academy. Dedicated to supporting students and families, Venus thrives on fostering communication and life skills. Beyond her work, she finds solace in quiet moments and cherishes vibrant experiences with her loved ones.

In recognition of her outstanding efforts, Robin is proud to present Venus Herrera with the Be Brave award.

Past BE BRAVE Winners

Danielle Monock Assistant Principal
MS 137
Joseph Tramutolo Director of Special Services
Edgewater, New Jersey
Antoinette Rose Principal
The Connie Lekas School - Brooklyn
Dr. Harold Abraham Principal
Norwood Public Schools

The BE BRAVE AWARDS honor administrators, teachers and school staff who actively promote feelings of belonging and reduce the stigma around talking about and caring for our emotional and mental well-being.

We often connect bravery to outward displays of courage, like auditioning for a play or trying out for a sport, but bravery can also include emotional vulnerability. This award honors the adults in the school community who model emotional vulnerability and encourage and support others to be brave enough to do the same.

Being emotionally brave is critical to creating a supportive and connected school community, which is proven to promote well-being and positive learning outcomes.

How We Honor BE BRAVE Winners.

Every month we will celebrate one administrator, teacher or staff member, rewarding them with:

  • A cash gift card + a certificate of appreciation
  • An invitation to the end-of-year BE BRAVE awards celebration event in NYC May 2024
  • Recognition across Robin’s email and social media channels


Any administrator, teacher or staff member who has taken action to connect and strengthen their school community. Must be employed at any K-12 school in the United States.

It takes under 5 minutes! Simply complete a Google form to tell us how the administrator, teacher or school staff member creates a supportive, compassionate school culture where everyone feels seen, heard and valued.

The Robin team looks for inspiring and deserving adults in the K-12 school community. Each recipient we honor has made a positive impact on bringing the community together. We honor a variety of administrators, teachers, counselors and staff members who advocate for and establish a culture of belonging.

If your nomination is selected, we will contact you and the person you nominated before we make an announcement to the public.

All of the monthly winners and those who nominated them will be invited to attend the ceremony.  The Robin team and advisors will all be in attendance to celebrate these deserving award recipients.

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