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3 Ways to Embrace Your Feminine Energy For Empowerment

Disclaimer: We refer to womanhood and femininity in reference to all who identify with any aspect of femininity, no matter how you identify or which pronouns you use. Robin is an inclusive, supportive community for people of any and all gender and sexual identities.

We all have feminine and masculine energies inside of us, but often the way society has indoctrinated us since we were young prevents us from forming a natural balance of the two.

The masculine is worshiped while the feminine is shunned.

Learn to embrace your inner feminine energy to lead a more authentic, empowered life in the following ways:

  1. Get outdoors and experience nature 
    Mother nature is our great teacher and bright mirror for defining the power of being a woman. What we notice in nature we can also notice within ourselves: constant change, adaptability, patience, clarity, peace, strength, and perseverance. Taking a walk, hike or run outside can help you reconnect with nature and recognize its innate beauty reflected in you.
  2. Practice mindfulness and self-reflection
    I can share personally from my story of suppression about the power that moved through me when I decided to break the chains. Throughout my life, I was taught to morph to be liked, understood, and even loved. After discovering mindfulness and learning to be present with my breath, my body and my mind, I began to emerge as my authentic feminine self. The version of me that was no longer fearful of the way she would be perceived, the version that was ready to share her bright heart with the masses and was able to love and understand deeply the purpose of suffering.
  3. Journal to explore and find purpose
    Everyone has their own unique purpose. What is yours? Journaling a little every day became a practice that helped me discover mine: to hold, create, strengthen and to lead. My purpose is that of the feminine, we are leaders, strong and resilient, who uplift and create space for those around us. We are all here for a bigger purpose than maybe we realize, to help others along the way.

Through these reflective and deeply aligning practices, we can begin to see the remarkable connection the feminine graces us with.

Being a woman is a miracle, let us empower one another to transform any beliefs that do not represent the powerful truth of womanhood.

About the Coach

Amy Lee Flower.

Amy Lee Flower has a multifaceted approach to creating unique yoga and meditation programs that help children, teens, women, & families. She is the founder of Shanti Students, a program that brings yoga, meditation and mindfulness into 30+ schools throughout the country. Amy brings her positive mindset and teaches mindfulness techniques to Robin students.

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