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Margarita Pagliai.

Margarita Pagliai is an accomplished educator with over 24 years experience in education, business, and marketing. Ms. Pagliai, is the founder and head of school for Little Dolphins by the Sea Preschool and Seven Arrows Elementary School, one the smallest independent school in Los Angeles.

Ms. Pagliai graduated Summa Cum Laude from UCLA with a bachelor’s in Liberal Arts. Prior to that, she studied in Montreux, Switzerland, delving into the history and interrelations of European countries. Ms. Pagliai speaks four languages: French, Italian, English, and Spanish. Her extensive travels throughout the world, as well as her ongoing research in education, has greatly influenced her conceptualization of and goals for education and child development at both Little Dolphins by the Sea Preschool and Seven Arrows, under her guidance, they are being implemented with overwhelming success.

Following her first seven years as director of Little Dolphins, she passed on the title to her successor to carry on the daily functioning of this highly innovative educational institution. From there, she was asked – and backed financially – by parents of the preschool to create an elementary school that continued her philosophy and vision. Her curriculum, philosophy and vision for both schools have been well received by educators and visionaries in the field.

These Will Be the Worst Years of Your Life.

Robin Coach Margarita Pagliai tells us that these have been the worst year(s) of our lives but that there is so much to look forward to in the new age of revival and hope ahead.