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Eric Gorenstein.

VP of Partnerships

Eric is a proud dad, husband and product of NYC public schools. He was born and raised in the Bronx and was the recipient of a Posse Scholarship to Vanderbilt University where he earned a BS in Human & Organizational Development with a focus on leadership.

Eric feels a deep commitment to Robin’s mission, as he grew up with a father that suffered with mental health issues.  Life at home was volatile, but he was fortunate to have teachers and coaches around him to help him develop the self-esteem and confidence needed to become a well-adjusted adult. He feels fortunate that he can now help young people develop the skills and confidence to be successful and happy adults.

He brings over 10 years of sales and leadership experience in the K-12 Edtech space to Robin. When he is not emphasizing the importance of addressing SEL and mental health needs, Eric likes to travel with his family, barbecue, and attempt to play sports that he was once played well.

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