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Dr. Matthew Murphy.

Dr. Matthew Murphy served as teacher, principal, curriculum director and superintendent in several high-performing New Jersey public schools on the fringes of Manhattan. Amid political skepticism and tight budgets, he built social and emotional learning into every grade level from preschool to graduation. He pushed for the curriculum requirement that has every sophomore completing Teen Mental Health First Aid training, as recognized in The Washington Post.

Matthew also led the development of stigma-free environments in the schools and in the community. Much more about raising awareness than funds, the events and efforts ranged from impactful guest speakers to bright green t-shirts to “walk and talk-athons” that underscored the importance of acceptance.

In addition to his career in public education, Matthew served as president of the Board of Directors for West Bergen Mental Health, one of the leading providers of mental health services in New Jersey. He is a trainer for Mental Health First Aid and was awarded the New Jersey Council Ambassador Award on Mental Health in 2018.

Matthew is an adjunct professor at Ramapo College, where he teaches in the Educational Leadership program that emphasizes the role a leader has in curriculum and supervision. He has been recognized by several K-12 professional associations for his visionary leadership, administrative excellence, and effective communication.

Matthew earned his doctorate and professional diploma from Fordham University and a master’s of science/technology in education from Long Island University. He holds a bachelor’s degree in elementary education from the University of Rhode Island.

With experience both broad and deep in the fields of education and mental health, Matthew guides K-12 and post-secondary administrators as they develop the critical programming and staff/student/community buy-in necessary for the modern world.

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