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Dr. Barbara McKeon.

Dr. Barbara McKeon’s career has focused on serving the needs of the most vulnerable populations. She has earned her bachelor’s degree in anthropology from Rutgers University, master’s in communication disorders from the University of Vermont, and a doctorate in educational leadership, management and policy from Seton Hall University. She is an ASHA-Certified Speech/Language Pathologist. She has written and been featured in numerous articles and has spoken extensively both nationally and internationally on topics in education including improving school culture, school turnaround, aspiring leadership, building relational trust and integrating restorative practices. Dr. McKeon has served on numerous city and state committees designed to improve educational outcomes for at-risk youth. She has held adjunct professorships at Pace, Brooklyn College and the University of Vermont. She currently holds the position of Senior Program Director for the Cahn Fellows Programs and was a 2015 Cahn Fellow for Distinguished Principals.

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