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Build and maintain healthy and supportive relationships

  • How to cultivate meaningful relationships that make us feel understood, safe and supported
  • Understand what it means to “be there” for others and how to actively listen
  • Practice empathy and compassion for others
  • Learn our own biases and how we can work to overcome them
  • Learn how to work in a team and solve conflicts effectively


Understand emotions and thoughts and how they influence us

  • Strengthen our ability to manage negative emotions and thoughts
  • Develop our own voice
  • Learn to love ourselves
  • Develop a growth mindset
  • Care for our bodies and minds
  • Create healthy habits that benefit our mental health


Choose and embody the values we want to live by

  • Define our core set of values
  • Discover our purpose: our connection to something greater than ourselves
  • Set long-term goals that align with our purpose and values
  • Hone our self-discipline and self-motivation skill set
  • Learn to make decisions with respect to living our purpose


Building the mental strength to bounce back and grow from challenges

  • Build our mental flexibility to counter negative thoughts and emotions
  • Find our “superpowers”: our unique gifts and talents
  • Learn to focus on what we can control
  • Identify when we need to seek help in coping with adversity


Develop critical thinking skills to evaluate and make good choices

  • Become aware of common challenges for young adults such as peer pressure and substance abuse
  • Make reasoned judgments after analyzing information and facts
  • Develop our decision-making skills, honing our ability to think through the benefits and consequences of our actions
  • Consider our own values and personal safety when making choices
  • Identify and create solutions for personal and social problems